"The 3-Step Formula to Getting Lean & Staying Lean All Year Round..."

...Discover my simple strategy that has allowed me to easily stay lean and healthy for over 4 years!

In this exclusive live web class, you'll discover the simple 3 step formula that I've been using to effortlessly stay lean and healthy for over 4 years!

What We'll Cover on This Webinar

How you can easily get off that annoying body fat and keep it off by following a simple natural formula that does not require supplements or hours and hours of exercise

Secret #1

Why you are gaining fat each year despite your efforts to keep it off

Secret #2

Why exercise alone is a complete waste of time for long term fat loss

Secret #3

How to make sure that you stay lean for the whole year round

About Your Presenter

James is the founder of Lean Warriors Global and has been helping men get lean, healthy and strong across the world by following a simple natural formula

James Mark Reardon Hicks


Join the free webinar where James will reveal to you a simple 3 step formula that you can follow to get rid of your excess body fat, dramatically improve your health and effortlessly stay lean

More Highlights From Our Presentation

My step-by-step framework for designing an eating plan that will get you lean and allow you to stay lean all year round
The deadly mistakes you MUST avoid which leads to poor health, brain function and consistent fat gain
The unique method you can use to get lean effortlessly whilst still eating the foods that you enjoy!
Especially designed for men aged 30-50 years who have excess body fat that they wish to lose quickly

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